Welcome to Prarthana Beach Drive-in Theatre & Restaurant Complex. Founded by Dr.N.Devanathan Ph.D., (D.Litt), Former Advisor to the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and Member, TTD Board, Tirumala, this project was inaugurated on May 10, 1991. Srinivasa Enterprises are the owners and promoters of this unique project and also manages this theatre complex.


* Prarthana Beach Drive-in Theatre (DTS) is
    • The world’s first Beachside Drive-in Theatre Complex,
    • India’s only Beachside Drive-in Theatre.

It is the only place to watch your favorite movie on a one-of-a-kind giant concrete screen of 4500 sq.ft. enjoying the gentle sea breeze and a delectable vegetarian cuisine. Prarthana would be your perfect choice for the evening with the moon and the stars shining on you. Apart from the drive-in area for the cars, a gallery with a seating capacity of 614 people offers the same experience for those visiting Prarthana by vehicles other than 4 wheelers. Prarthana also has a large area with play equipments for children. Equipped with DTS sound system and Xenon Lamp house for crystal clear image one can experience the best clarity of sound and picture.

Alcohol, Cameras including video are very strictly prohibited inside Prarthana Beach Drive-in Theatre Complex. We work closely with the local police authorities to enforce this in order to abide by the local rules

* Aradhana A/C DTS : This is an indoor Air-Conditioned theatre to watch a movie and is also equipped with the DTS sound system and the Xenon Lamp house

* Dr.N.Devanathan Hall (A/c):(shortly to be opened): Ideal for Get-togethers / Meetings / Events Suitable to accommodate about 300 persons - with a floor area of about 3200 sq.ft. - The Hall also includes two separate A/c rooms with attached toilets - Equipped with Audio / Dvd / PA System- This Hall has an extensive car parking area. We cater high quality vegetarian food for events conducted here.

* Prarthana Drive-in Restaurant : This restaurant offers high quality vegetarian food to the East Coast Road travelers from morning to night. Ideal, again for Get-together / Meetings, suitable to accommodate about 200 Persons - Extensive car parking facility available.

Dr.N.Devanathan.Ph.D., (D.Litt)
Ours is the first movie recreational project on ECR (East Coast Road)- also popularly known as the Entertainment Corridor of Chennai leading to the international tourist spot Mahabalipuram and the popular exotic get-away, Pondicherry.